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On Tafari’s Mind Spill you will be posted on my photography works, pop culture finds new & old, & drama. For the most part if I think it’s hot & worthy, I will put you up on it.

Pompadour, Lashes & Personality

by tafari on September 18, 2011 g3 Comments

I was in the media riser photographing the Tracy Reese runway show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week when I spotted Brooklyn based singer “Raye6” in the audience. From her serious…

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Take Me to the Game

by tafari on September 1, 2011 g0 Comments

Yesterday, I photographed the “Parade Day at the Park” event for The Parade Company at Comerica Park.  This was my 2nd time working this event for TPC, with the first…

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Shooting Amber Cabral

by tafari on June 20, 2011 g6 Comments

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to photograph social commentator, blogge & friend, Amber Cabral downtown Detroit. Amber and I met many years ago here. At that time she lived in…

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Shooting José Vilson

by tafari on April 6, 2011 g4 Comments

To get good results when taking portraits, you can do so very much with one small light, one stand, & one umbrella. When I photographed New York educator, blogger, poet and…

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Happy Birthday Baby

by tafari on October 21, 2010 g0 Comments

Spring of 2009 I met Linda & Max Wolff when I photographed their surprise wedding. It was a such a fun event & I really enjoyed working with this great…

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Shooting Janella

by tafari on September 2, 2010 g5 Comments

Last week, while on vacay in NYC I had the awesome opportunity to photograph Janella. What made it awesome was that she’s a great person & it was her birthday,…

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She’s Having a Baby: Dr. Keturah Jeffries

by tafari on July 20, 2010 g4 Comments

I’ve known Keturah aKa Dr. Jeffries since my high school days. If you know me then you know that it’s been a long time. A LONG time. Now that I’ve dated…

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NYC Analog Portraits

by tafari on July 14, 2010 g11 Comments

So, I’m walking down Broadway in SoHo minding my own business when I happened to look up to see this beautiful cocoa brown woman walking my way. I basically jumped in…

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His First Big Birthday

by tafari on June 13, 2010 g1 Comment

Remember little Kellen? Well, he recently turned one. In Korean culture, the one year birthday or “Tol” is historically very significant. Way back when, due to Korea’s climate, and many childhood illnesses,…

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Shooting Seniors: Allyson Lloyd

by tafari on May 16, 2010 g4 Comments

Here’s a quick snapshot from a senior portrait session that I held this weekend out & about in Detroit with Allyson Lloyd. My session with Allyson was great & moved rather…

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Doll Parts

by tafari on May 15, 2010 g3 Comments

I just couldn’t resist this shot or her cute little legs.…

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Getting Ready For the Set

by tafari on March 8, 2010 g8 Comments

I had all the best intentions of waking up at 9am today to fix myself breakfast, & prepare for my 1pm photo shoot with Detroit rock group Fluxphonic. In my head…

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