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On Tafari’s Mind Spill you will be posted on my photography works, pop culture finds new & old, & drama. For the most part if I think it’s hot & worthy, I will put you up on it.

Designer: Jeffrey Williams

by tafari on March 14, 2011 g4 Comments

When I saw that Jeffrey Williams was a contestant on season 2 of Bravo’s show “The Fashion Show: Ultimate Collection,” I was like I know him, but I could not…

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1000 Words

by tafari on January 16, 2011 g2 Comments

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week: Diane von Furstenberg

by tafari on September 23, 2010 g2 Comments

I don’t know how it happened but Asia tricked me into photographing the Diane von Furstenberg show. She not only got me to do the show but she did it…

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Mercedes Benz Fashion Week: EDITION Georges Chakra

by tafari on September 20, 2010 g4 Comments

Georges Chakra was the first show that I got backstage access to at MBFW this year & I really didn’t know what to expect. What I got was an eye…

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See, What Had Happened Was: The Fashion Sneak

by tafari on September 15, 2010 g9 Comments

If you followed my adventures over that last few days on Twitter & Facebook then you know that I was able to “get” backstage at the Zac Posen Z Spoke…

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Antipasto Is For Friends

by tafari on September 6, 2010 g3 Comments

Cousin Dee stopped over today & I decided to make it a cocktail hour type situation at the last minute. So I made a mad dash out to a few stores…

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French Road Trip Snacks

by tafari on September 3, 2010 g5 Comments

Ever since I experienced the AWESOMENESS of French macarons, no trip to New York is complete without a visit to MacarOn Café for a dozen of these delicious colorful delights. On…

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How Many Of Us Have Them

by tafari on June 2, 2010 g5 Comments

Sometimes you just need a friend to listen and not really say anything.…

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Earth Day

by tafari on April 22, 2010 g3 Comments

Today is Earth Day & I’m being very bad by having a large carbon contribution with my airplane, train & automobile ride to DC for my mini vacation. Too bad I…

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Bygbaby Cooks: Red Snapper Ceviche

by tafari on March 13, 2010 g5 Comments

I’ve been dying to make a ceviche ever since I got cracked out on them 3 years ago at Victor’s Cuban Cafe in NYC.  They are very easy to make,…

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Pretty Balloons

by tafari on November 29, 2009 g5 Comments

Yesterday I was hanging with my friend Shades taking some photos & talking shit like normal. Before I got ready to go, he was surprised with these wonderful red balloons…

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Dream in Color

by tafari on October 18, 2009 g0 Comments