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On Tafari’s Mind Spill you will be posted on my photography works, pop culture finds new & old, & drama. For the most part if I think it’s hot & worthy, I will put you up on it.

Welcome to the Humble Ranch

by tafari on May 28, 2015 g2 Comments

Last week, I hosted my first official [housewarming] party of the year at my new home, the Humble Ranch. So many of my family & friends came out to celebrate…

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Out On a Work Night

by tafari on March 6, 2015 g0 Comments

I am not a big fan of going out during the week, but when my girl Mayaeni organized a show, there was no way that I could not be there.…

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Living In Peace

by tafari on March 2, 2015 g0 Comments

“Anger, can make you old, yes it can I said anger, can make you sick, children… oh Jesus Anger destroys your soul Rage, there’s no room for rage in there There’s no room for…

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She’s Having A Baby: The Allen Family

by tafari on November 7, 2014 g0 Comments

My cousin, best best best friend, Cousin Dee is having a baby!!! She broke the news several months ago and it was the best news ever. Of course, I had to…

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All American Family

by tafari on July 21, 2014 g0 Comments

Who doesn’t love a beautiful family portrait. I was very happy to work with the Phillips-Hill family again with the addition of their rambunctious baby boy. Those blue green eyes!!!…

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Making Lemonade With A Twist

by tafari on April 12, 2014 g0 Comments

Yesterday, I attended my first BBQ of the short season aKa spring/summer or is it still winter.  It was last minute and typically, I like taking salads to cook outs…

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Take Me To The Game

by tafari on April 2, 2014 g0 Comments

Opening Day for the Detroit Tigers is certainly a grand Detroit holiday! Tailgaters everywhere! Debauchery everywhere! Chaos everywhere! People doing way too much everywhere! I had a great time celebrating the opening…

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One Woman

by tafari on March 28, 2014 g0 Comments

One light… One woman… Two looks… Doing more with less is my new black. And having beautiful friends who are willing to be photographed by me is always a good thing! I…

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Image With A Little Imagination

by tafari on March 12, 2014 g0 Comments

Bad ass woman of earth & wind.…

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Detroit Artist: Steffanie Christi’an

by tafari on February 26, 2014 g1 Comment

50-11% of my friends are artists of some sort like, Steffanie Christi’an, one of my dearest friends and one helluva vocal artist who represents Detroit to the fullest is coming out with…

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Salty Diversity

by tafari on January 22, 2014 g0 Comments

Everybody knows that I love course sea salt. It makes everything so much better, especially baked goods. It’s my secret little weapon. Now… I’m on black lava Hawaiian sea salt. Today I…

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Buttery Buttermilk Biscuits

by tafari on November 11, 2013 g0 Comments

Had some good friends over for brunch today and made some peppered buttermilk biscuits. Everybody loves buttery biscuits…. And these were excellent with fig butter. Mmmmm!…

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