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On Tafari’s Mind Spill you will be posted on my photography works, pop culture finds new & old, & drama. For the most part if I think it’s hot & worthy, I will put you up on it.

Welcome to the Humble Ranch

by tafari on May 28, 2015 g2 Comments

Last week, I hosted my first official [housewarming] party of the year at my new home, the Humble Ranch. So many of my family & friends came out to celebrate…

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When Momma Visits

by tafari on March 24, 2015 g0 Comments

My momma came for a visit recently & I was so very happy to see her, smell her, touch her… Having her in my new home for the first time made…

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Beautiful Baby Boy

by tafari on March 17, 2015 g2 Comments

Several months ago, I posted about Cousin Dee & her husband, Mato readying themselves for their 1st baby.  Well… Mato Jr. is here & he’s awesome! The day he was born…

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Living In Peace

by tafari on March 2, 2015 g0 Comments

“Anger, can make you old, yes it can I said anger, can make you sick, children… oh Jesus Anger destroys your soul Rage, there’s no room for rage in there There’s no room for…

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She’s Having A Baby: The Allen Family

by tafari on November 7, 2014 g0 Comments

My cousin, best best best friend, Cousin Dee is having a baby!!! She broke the news several months ago and it was the best news ever. Of course, I had to…

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Salty Diversity

by tafari on January 22, 2014 g0 Comments

Everybody knows that I love course sea salt. It makes everything so much better, especially baked goods. It’s my secret little weapon. Now… I’m on black lava Hawaiian sea salt. Today I…

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She’s Having A Baby

by tafari on September 3, 2013 g0 Comments

When my best friends, Brion & Chonda announced they were having a baby this year, I was so very excited for them!!! Then my excitement turned to maternity photography to…

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I Love My Momma

by tafari on May 12, 2013 g2 Comments

My mother, Stella and I around 1986, maybe 1987. My cousin recently sent me this photo and it put such a smile on my face. I haven’t seen it in YEARS!…

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They’re Having a Baby

by tafari on December 2, 2012 g2 Comments

It wasn’t all that long ago when I photographed my friends Reggie & Adrienne getting married.. Time is flying and babies are popping up. So excited about their next phase of…

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by tafari on November 14, 2012 g0 Comments

I talk about my father all the time; sometimes with  friends or family but most often with myself. It’s hard for me not to even years after he left this…

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Black Spirits: Daniel & Mary

by tafari on August 20, 2012 g0 Comments

During my recent trip home, I “discovered” a super old & awesome photo of my grandparents, Daniel & Mary Lee Howard. Daniel and Mary were married in the 1940s and had…

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In Them Orange Pants

by tafari on February 28, 2012 g2 Comments

After picking up our Mercedes Benz Fashion Week press credentials, my assistant/Cousin Dee headed to Lincoln Center to oooh & aaah at the façade of the tents that we would…

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