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On Tafari’s Mind Spill you will be posted on my photography works, pop culture finds new & old, & drama. For the most part if I think it’s hot & worthy, I will put you up on it.

U Street Afro Fashion

by tafari on October 22, 2014 g0 Comments

This past weekend, I was in DC visiting friends and then this happened… a street fashion show put on by Malindi Designs at Zawadi Gallery. I was excited by the African style…

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Enchant Me

by tafari on October 8, 2014 g0 Comments

I walk past this wooded area severeral times a week and I always wonder where the paths lead. I wish I was adventurous enough to see but watching every release…

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Conferencing, Networking, & Politicin’

by tafari on October 3, 2014 g0 Comments

Earlier this week, I made my way to San Antonio, TX for the first time. I’ve wanted to visit for years after seeing various enticing shows on the Travel Channel…

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Autumnal Equinox

by tafari on September 22, 2014 g0 Comments

Can we please just get a few warm days here in Michigan. PLEASE???…

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Feeling Myself @ 40

by tafari on September 21, 2014 g0 Comments

My 40th birthday was over the weekend and I’m still basking in the glow over celebrating my life with friends and family. Threw a party. People came. We ate the damn…

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All American Family

by tafari on July 21, 2014 g0 Comments

Who doesn’t love a beautiful family portrait. I was very happy to work with the Phillips-Hill family again with the addition of their rambunctious baby boy. Those blue green eyes!!!…

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Tafari Cooks: Rum Punch For The Holidays

by tafari on July 5, 2014 g0 Comments

I planned on making sangria to enjoy over this long holiday weekend but then something in my head went off and I decided to make rum punch instead. I love…

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Tafari Cooks: Macaroni & Cheese Waffles

by tafari on June 20, 2014 g0 Comments

So… I saw these macaroni & cheese waffles on Pinterest a while ago and fell in love with the very idea. After savoring the thought for months, I decided to pull…

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Tafari Cooks: Watermelon Salad

by tafari on June 16, 2014 g0 Comments

Pretty basic but super refreshing salad… Watermelon Cucumber Kalamata Olives Jalapeño Basil Feta Cheese Pink Peppercorns Olive Oil Balsamic Vinegar I was inspired by a similar dish found on the New York Times page. I decided to do balsamic for that wonderful…

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Tafari Cooks: The Dinner Sandwich

by tafari on June 12, 2014 g0 Comments

I had a lot of time and ingredients on my hands the other day so I made this monster of a sandwich for dinner. It was the business! And the cole slaw???…

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Belle Isle Bitch

by tafari on June 3, 2014 g0 Comments

Detroit: The city that I love to hate but ultimately love.…

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A New Clutch

by tafari on May 20, 2014 g0 Comments

Another year, another robin’s nest. I love the eggs. I love seeing them hatch but I hate sharing my deck once they do hatch because I have to limit my…

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